Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Gift on a first date...appropriate or not?

Within the initial minute of meeting Aquarium boy for our first date, he announced:
"I brought you a present but I left it in the car. After the date, maybe you can walk with me to go get it."
I was surprised, somewhat uncomfortable, and slightly curious as to what he had brought. We proceeded on our date and, as promised, after spending quality time with the fishies, we walked to his car to pick up "the gift." He opened the door and pulled out a dozen roses and a book of romantic poetry by Hafiz.
Granted, it was the day after Valentine's Day and he probably got a good deal (at least on the flowers)...but in my opinion, it was a little overwhelming for a first date. Don't get me wrong--I totally appreciated the gesture! But I decided that maybe first date gifts were a bad idea.

Fast forward a couple months to my date with the British guy this past Friday night. He showed up with a single rose, artistically yet simplistically wrapped in paper and twine (the picture doesn't really do it justice--sorry). It was lovely!
Point of the story: a simple gift is a charming gesture. Anything more, however, (especially for a first date) is a bit intense!

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