Monday, June 14, 2010

Prom 2010

Many of you know by now that I went to all-girls Catholic school most of my life. This either means prom consisted of a group of girls getting dressed up to dance with each other OR taking your friend's, dad's, co-worker's son as your date (which is what I did for senior prom, my friend and I took a set of brothers...awkward!). So last Thursday night was an unanticipated prom night done right, for adults.

SG#1 picked me up in cab for a fancy schmancy dinner at Wild Ginger and when I opened the door I couldn't believe my eyes! I was in a little black dress with red pashmina and he was wearing a black suit with red button-up - the only thing we were missing was a matching coursage/boutineer duo! (And, no, we did NOT plan our outfits!)

After a few laughs about our fabulous taste in attire, we headed to the restaurant. We were promptly seated right in the middle of the room in the largest dining room chairs I have ever sat in (not good for a short dress!), but we laughed it off and decided they must have wanted to show off their best dressed guests. The food was amazing, you must order the sea bass and don't let the waitress con you into ordering vegetables, they are delicious, but there are so many things to choose from on the menu there's no need to waste the stomach space (which is most likely limited due to said little black dress). I also recommend the Cracked Coconut Martini, which SG#1 claims isn't a martini at all since it lacks Vodka, but is delicious nevertheless. Anyway, after too many hours of conversation, according to Erin & the Fiance, we walked over to the DList Magazine Party (AKA Prom for adults).

You must remember, this is really the first date SG#1 and I have had to sit and chat. It was much needed and appreciated, so nice work SG#1 for taking the initiative to schedule dinner before our double date with Erin & the Fiance (They are the matchmakers, you can find their comments after previous posts about SG#1).

On our way over to the party, we were stopped by a fellow party goer:

Fellow Party Goer: "Hey, are you guys on your way to the DList Party?"
SG#1: "Yeah, you too?"
Fellow Party Goer: "Da-ang, you guys are lookin' goood!"

So, yes, we were lookin' dang good and the DList party was what every prom was and is: a place to be seen looking dang good. There were photographers circling the room like ninja's just waiting to get a shot of you spilling on your dress, doing last year's dance move or getting in a cat fight with Seattle's top socialite (do we have one?!). I imagine this might be what real prom is like minus the bar and maybe with more dancing. Erin & the Fiance skipped out early, so we called it a night shortly thereafter, but it was most definitely a night to remember.

So far I've learned there's never a dull moment with SG#1. He's here to live life to the fullest and, really, there isn't a better trait in my book. Keep your eyes peeled for our dang good prom picture!


  1. I like the Prom analogy, as it implies that the night ended like most Proms the back seat of a car.

  2. Omg I apologize for the prepubescent antics of my sig oth. :) when's our next double date?!

  3. dirty mind that fiance...

    the only clarifying comment i would make regarding prom night, is that I actually said that the Cracked Coconut martini is not a martini b/c it has RUM (coconut rum no less) and not Vokda OR Gin, either of which qualify, at least as far a i understand the rules.

  4. Anything with rum-- specifically coconut rum-- is a drink that is best mixed in a Nalgene and/or an unwashed glass somewhere near a beach. It's been a long time since freshman year for this type of nonsense... but that's the beauty of reliving prom!

    (And PS, Miss Spark: this would've been a good post to sign off with "XOXO, Gossip Girl!" because that's how I heard it narrated in my head after reading it. I might start reading your regular emails like that, too. I had no idea we had socialites around here!!)