Friday, April 2, 2010


I hadn’t been to an aquarium in years. When he mentioned that he was interested in going, I was thrilled! And so, we set a date.

After the initial introduction and a quick bite to eat, we headed into the looming building. The first room was the one I remembered from childhood—the petting tank!
Me: “Have you ever pet anemone?”
Him: “Uhhh….no.”
Me: “Oh it was so cool to do when I was SCUBA diving in Africa…they’re so soft ….you have to do it! You just go like this…”
And so, I reached into the tank to pet my long-lost marine friends. Immediately after bending over the 3 foot wall, I heard a splash. When I looked down, I saw my cell phone gracefully tumbling down to the bottom of the tank, resembling an awkward, new species of fish.

As the bubbles floated to the surface, I began frantically asking my date to reach in (he was over 6 feet tall, after all). After some hesitation, he rolled up his shirt sleeves and retrieved the rare "fish" which didn’t belong in this habitat. Alas, it was too late. Despite some attempts at drying the phone out, it was done for.

My date was forlorn! He apologized every couple minutes despite my reassurances that it was not a big deal and that I needed a new phone anyway. And really, this was true. Additionally, I couldn't stop laughing about it...I knew it'd make a funny date story! He didn't find it quite as amusing!

We left the aquarium after doing a quick sweep through—but it wasn’t as exciting as it probably could have been, had the phone incident not occurred. The mood had changed drastically.

After the date, I contacted him to thank him and to let him know that the phone issue had been resolved. But, like the phone, that was the end.

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