Monday, May 31, 2010

Date No. 2 with Special Guest #1

I thought I should do a mini-post to follow up on everyone's questions regarding date number two with Special Guest #1 (SG#1). And,'s a SURPRISE! SG#1 didn't want to know where we're going so all you get to know is what he knows:

-We may touch the clouds
-Wearing tights is good
-Peeing your pants is an option, but not recommended

The date is this Friday, so just hold your horses for a few more days!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Chivalry is alive and well

Before I say anything about last night’s date, it’s important to remember that Special Guest #1 read the whole blog, and, if you haven’t been reading, he posted comments after The Cat’s out of the Bag. This is a blogging first for One Hundred Dates for sure!

He picked me up at 7:15, – every man should know that every woman needs that extra fifteen minutes to get ready, especially when transforming oneself from labor & delivery scrubs and pony tail to date attire – he opened my door for me, we hopped in the car and I still had only one clue about the evening’s activities: it’s a mix of paleontology and vinification. As we drove down the hill toward the Space Needle we chatted about our day’s activities and I got to find out more about what he does for work – and I think he found out more than he needed to know about what I do.

Then we rounded the corner to the Pacific Science Center and a tall, beaming billboard called out the future of our evening: Science with a Twist: Dinos and Wine-OH! And I must say not only did he pick out a perfectly nerd-a-licious event, he already had tickets reserved (like a responsible date) and when he didn’t know where he was going he said so (he had never been to the Pacific Science Center before), 10 points for Special Guest #1.

So we spent the night tasting wine, learning about dinosaurs, touching gooey critters in the touch tank, eating weird chocolates and strategizing about who had the strongest wine pour. He also impressed me with his vast knowledge about the cosmos in the planetarium (did he research this before the date?!), lightened the mood by asking silly questions during a hoity toity wine presentation, and we made each other a wine charm keepsake to tie the night together.

During the festivities, he said, “So I’m assuming you have a family, you went to school, you know, the typical first date we really need to have that conversation?” (That’s not a direct quote; I had already had three glasses of dino wine at this point). But he brought up an interesting point: how much of the connection you feel with a person comes from just simply hanging out, and how much of it comes from the connection you feel when you have something in common? Well, no matter how hard we tried, these first date facts trickled into conversation anyway. However, besides his work and a few details about life in Kansas City, he’s a pretty reserved guy, so it may take a few more first date conversations to really get to the good stuff (we decided ex’s and politics was out...we did touch on religion, but mostly because we coincidentally both attended single-sex Catholic schools).

I’m afraid to even say it (especially because he’s reading and I’m supposed to remain pleasantly aloof at this point), but it was a beautifully executed date. Well thought out, fun and a good balance of pre-planned activity and time to get to know each other. Well, there it is Special Guest #1, my whole psyche on a plate for you! We're all eagerly awaiting your comments about the date, which really isn’t fair because you can see exactly what I think already! We’re going to have to think of some better rules moving forward.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Matchmaker, matchermaker, make me a match...

I missed a call today and found a rather interesting voice message waiting for me (listen above). Long and short, my great aunt is trying to hook me up with her sister's girlfriend's grandson (and he sounds really "neat")!

The only catch is, I have to contact him and set up a date without alluding to the fact that his grandparents are giving out his number. My aunt suggested that I say a "friend" gave me his number. Huh? Is he not going to wonder who this "friend" is?!

Any suggestions/recommendations on how to proceed are more than welcome! (Reader participation, please!)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Cat's Out of the Bag

So for my birthday this year (the big 2-9) I didn't accept any gifts. Instead I jokingly asked for my friends to bring me my future husband...and they obliged! There were at least four "special guests" at my birthday bonfire, making it an evening to remember for sure.

As I was talking to some friends they asked how my dating life was going and, without realizing their guest was a potential date, I started telling them all about the blog and the 20 or so dates I had been on in the last six months. They all pulled up the blog on their iPhones (that's right, reading blog posts on iPhones at a bonfire on the beach...I must really be getting old since I'm still shocked by this amazing technology).

Anyway, later in the evening the friend who we'll call "special guest #1" had a proposal: "Since I've already seen the blog, I'm going to read the whole thing, then I'm going to ask you out on a date. It'll be the best date ever because I'll know exactly what you like and what you don't like. Then you can write about the date, I'll read it and then comment on it. What do you think?"

I had to consult my partner in crime, but of course I said, "Yes!" So, this Thursday's the big day. I have no idea what's in store for me, but I'm sure it will be amazing! One thing though: he set up the date over I just too old fashioned that I would prefer a phone call?! Maybe 29 is a lot older than I thought. At any rate, the cat's out of the bag. He's probably reading this post right now...I'm so exposed!

BTW: Special guest #2 couldn't make it to the bonfire, so we're meeting up another time...will keep you all posted for sure!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Belltown Poetry

Early in the night, my date mentioned that he always liked to support street musicians and performers. As we walked down the street in Belltown, searching for a restaurant, he was dropping bills into tattered hats and guitar cases. And then we were approached by a young, African American guy.
"I'm an artist and would love to recite my poetry for you...I'll only take two minutes of your time!"
Of course, my date humored him.
"Go ahead"
The poet warned us that this wasn't any old Shakespeare work, but that it required our participation. We accepted the challenge.
"So, you guys are in love, huh?" (No, we shook our heads.) "First date, then?" (Yes, we nodded.) "Ok, I need you guys to look into each others' eyes...keep looking, don't break the connection"
(AWKWARD! But we kept going with it)
"Love--love is blossoming. Love is a beautiful thing. Love...warms the heart and the soul. Love on a Saturday night. Two souls, beautifully intertwined, growing closer each minute as they stare in each other's eyes......"
Hmmm...maybe this wasn't such a wise activity for a first date... Soon enough, though, it was nearing the end. But there was a grand finale:
"...and now, you must kiss! Go on, kiss so the world can witness the beauty of your love!"
(Dude, this is a first date, remember?!)

My date looked at me awkwardly, and I, at him. Very gentlemanly, he kissed me on the cheek. At the poet's urging, I did the same. A dollar was handed over, and we continued on our way. We found a restaurant, ate, and parted ways.

Our love did not blossom.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Da-da-na-na! Wing-man to the rescue!

A couple of Saturdays ago Coqueta and I were invited to happy hour with some guys we met through a mutual friend. We had all become acquainted over sushi in December and then lost touch, so we were excited to hang out with him and his friends again. However, when we arrived at the bar there were just two guys there: the guy Coqueta had been pining over and his wing-man.

I immediately assumed wing-woman position and we all ended up having great conversation and some delicious strawberry margaritas at Barrio (one of my favorite Capitol Hill hang outs).

But the whole situation got me thinking...Do guys actually discuss the wing-man scenario before approaching a girl in a bar? Do they decide who gets the girl and who has to entertain her wing-woman? I was happy to play wing-woman for Coqueta because it had already been established that she was in-like with the guy who arranged the happy hour, but I wonder how many friendships are broken over these types of situations (A guy is never worth breaking a friendship!). What if I liked him too? What if I didn't feel like talking to his wing-man (he happened to be a very interesting guy)... and on the flip side, how many wing-people end up dating in the end?

I guess this post has more questions than answers, so I open it up to all you blog followers...what are the rules around the job of the wing-man?

In case you need some extra wing-man advice, there's a TON of info out there. My favorite site: "because getting lucky is a team effort!" How awesome is that?!

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