Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Date 3: ...And he can cook!

We ended up hanging out the next day too. (In retrospect, this was kinda the beginning of spending most of our free time together. Yay!)

So, what do you do for a date with someone who has recently recently moved to Seattle? Touristy stuff, of course! Went to Pike Place Market, and I was happily suprised that he acted like a kid in a candy shop. Every few feet, he would "ooh and ahh" at the brightly colored produce, odd-looking seafood, and smelly cheeses :) A man after my own heart!

After gathering up bags of goodies, we made the trek back to my house.

Now, I'm an avid it's really hard for me to sit idlely in the kitchen. But, that's what he demanded. As requested, using all my will power, I hunkered down and watched him dice, chop, and cut.

After half an hour or so, he removed a steaming baking sheet from the oven, upon which laid the most colorful and delicious bruchetta I've ever eaten! On the crusty, grainy slices of a french baguette, he had towered two different creamy goat cheeses, succulent and mouth-watering golden heirloom tomatoes, crisp red peppers, smooth avocado, and the tangy kick of jalepenos. I couldn't eat enough of it! My mouth is still watering at the thought of the deliciousness!

I was sold :)