Sunday, June 6, 2010

Death defying circus tricks and dating faux pas

Planning a date is not for the faint of heart. It is by far one of the most nerve-wracking activities of life - especially when the date involves death defying circus tricks.

I picked up SG#1 on Friday (only five minutes late!) dressed in work-out wear, heart pounding in anticipation of what we were about to do and hoping he would enjoy the date. We headed to SODO and SG#1 quickly spotted the bright yellow, "Emerald City Trapeze Arts" sign glowing under the black rain clouds. That's right, I took SG#1 on our second date to a flying trapeze class!

We learned how to jump off a teeny tiny platform and fly through the air on the trapeze. SG#1 totally rocked the backflip dismount and I got to swing into the arms of a tall, bald, circus-man wearing extremely tight black leggings (Yikes!). Although possibly a slightly inappropriate 2nd date activity, it was nice to see how adventurous SG#1 is, especially when he didn't even know what we were doing AND he was chosen to be the first person to climb the wobbling ladder to the teeny tiny platform and risk his life on the flying trapeze.

So, since this was the date I planned I must admit I committed a serious date faux pas: I forgot my wallet! So embarrassing!! The trapeze class was prepaid, so it wasn't really that big of a deal, but lesson learned for future date planning. We had to stop at my house before the much needed post-trapeze margarita.

All in all, I think the date went pretty well and SG#1 said he would be calling for a future date - yep, he said calling, not texting! We'll all be eagerly anticipating his official date report.

One more thing: a shout out to my friend TS for sponsoring the fantastic birthday Groupon Coupon for Emerald City Trapeze that made this date possible.


  1. LOVE it!

    Fiancé wants more dirt. He says dirt sells.

  2. OK, OK...everyone's hassling me about how bland this post is. Yes, I left out the details. The date was f---ing awesome! I'm supposed to be remaining pleasantly aloof, though, remember?!

    We'll have to wait and see what SG#1 says about it...

  3. It’s dawning on me that the internet’s favorite date blogger was actually quite crafty the other night, pulling all sorts of tricks that seemed like innocent occurrences:

    - CLAIMED: nervousness b/c never had had to plan a date like this before…REALITY: I’m sure she’s planned plenty of dates, really this was to lower expectations so she could then over-deliver, and to enable use of the classic "cute/innocent" look

    - CLAIMED: boldness that trapeze was beyond “second date” material…REALITY: We’ve had a couple times hanging out outside of date #1, so we already know each other a little better than the average people going on a second date. So it wasn’t all that bold

    - CLAIMED: executing trapeze stuff is scary/hard…REALITY: relative to me, this is right in her wheelhouse given her extensive dance background (balance), and that she was raised by circus clowns (ok, not true)

    - CLAIMED: forgot wallet…REALITY: intentionally didn’t bring wallet so she’d have an excuse for us to drop by her place after trapeze so she could change into nice clothes for the dinner/drinks portion of the date (note that she knew the trapeze thing was pre-paid, so there was no real risk here)

    Ok, enough of me being a faux jerk. Ms. Blogger was a great date organizer, and is a hell of a trapeze artist. We had a real nice time. And really, while the trapeze stuff was unique/fun, I equally enjoyed sitting at the bar at Barrio (a place we both enjoy a bit too much) experiencing a range of tequilas from our new friend, Roberto the bartender, and me finally giving Ms. Blogger the “get to know you” details that I’d skillfully avoided boring/scaring her with earlier. Given I’d read her entire blog, I guess we’re now on equal footing, which is good. So yeah, I’d say a third date is in the cards.


  4. Did you forget that there are videos? I assume that the lady blogger, aka "Our Favorite Little Proton Pump Inhibitor" wants to retain anonymity... given her famous past in the circus and the multiple job offers that will follow release of the clip. (Barnum and Bailey are a little upset you broke your contract to go to school, by the way. The one that was mauled by a tiger is out to catch you with his one good arm.)

    But no one knows who the dude is. Not even his friends will recognize him wearing those leggings. DATE-MAN ON THE FLYING TRAPEZE VIDEO!! VIDEO!

  5. there will be no video postings! or date #3 is cancelled