Monday, June 7, 2010

Soaring through the clouds

Keeping with the "touching the sky" theme...

I received the following message one day:
"I got us a helicopter and pilot--Where do you want to go?"
I had gone out with this guy a couple times, but from the text, I couldn't tell if he was serious or not. I immediately responded by saying I wanted to go to Hawaii. (If someone asks where I want to go, I might as well think big, right?!)
"Nope, gas is expensive right now. I was thinking somewhere closer."
I thought some more--the San Juan Islands?
"Nah, how about around Seattle?"
I'm never one to turn down an opportunity! And, I had never been in a helicopter before. So, we met early in the day to depart on our adventure with Classic Helicopter Corp. As we flew over the Space Needle, Green Lake, the Ballard Locks, and other Seattle attractions, I noticed:
(1) what a beautiful, clear day it was
(2) what a romantic date I was on and
(3) what a lack of feelings I had for the person sharing the helicopter experience with me
This was, by far, the most unique date I had been on! With each building we passed over, however, I began to question how I felt about this guy. A couple weeks prior, I let him know that I was feeling a little smothered--and things had improved a bit. But, sitting in the helicopter, he kept awkwardly reaching through the tangle of headsets to hold my hand and snuggle. I realized it wasn't what he was doing, it was what I was feeling.

And, so, on this amazing and extravagant date, soaring through the clouds, all I could think about was that I didn't "click" with this wonderful guy.


  1. Coqueta, you've gone above and beyond! I LOVE the pictures. Sorry the dude (or dud) didn't work out!


  2. I wish someone would take me on a helicopter ride...