Tuesday, June 15, 2010

"5000 miles from being a Seattle guy"

I hadn't been on plenty of fish for a while because I was (am) getting a bit bored of Seattle guys (no offense). When I did finally log in next, I changed my profile to make this known. The 1st message I received after the change was titled "5000 miles from being a Seattle guy." Hmm, interesting...

I opened the email and found a message from an English guy who is working in Seattle. After writing back and forth a few times, we decided to meet for dinner. He volunteered to choose our restaurant, but not being from Seattle, he couldn't actually find the one he had picked. Oops! So, we met at the Pike's Place Market and walked around, finally deciding on Il Bistro.

As he promised, he was 5000 miles from being a Seattle guy, and this proved to be refreshing in many ways!
  1. He has an adorable accent (what is it about accents that are so sexy?!)
  2. He uses different vocabulary (lovely, brilliant, rubbish, etc)
  3. He has seen the world (well, I guess I usually have that in common with everyone I date)
  4. We were more spontaneous in choosing what to do (since he didn't really know what was around)
  5. Most importantly, we were able to avoid the dreaded 1st date small talk (perhaps first date conversations are different in the UK)! I have no idea where he went to school or how many brothers and sisters he has...and I'm thrilled about it! At almost every first date, I am able to predict the next words that will come out of my date's mouth...and it is a bit dull. But that wasn't the case on this date!
We continued the date with post-dinner drinks at Del Ray. At the end of the 5-hour date, I decided that I had a really good time! Afterwards, he sent me a cute post-date text....we'll go out again, for sure!


  1. Can't wait to hear what happens on the next date!

  2. How was the zoo?? Eagerly anticipating the next post!!!