Friday, June 25, 2010

3 Oldies + 1 Newbie = An Interesting Night!

Last weekend, we decided to have a girl's night out. In typical girl style, we met beforehand to get ready and have a few drinks. I might be biased, but we were lookin' pretty good! Amber was the destination of the evening (I had only been once prior, around the time our dating project commenced).

We drove downtown, spent too much time searching for parking, and finally started the long trek to the bar. On they way, "Looking for a Spark" nudged me and signaled at something up ahead. Uh oh--it was a guy ("Waldo") with whom I had gone on three dates! He didn't notice us--Phew!

As we settled into the bar scene with our first round of drinks, I turned around and saw a familiar face. It was someone I had met on my birthday. We had gone rock climbing once afterwards, but, despite his attempts, never met up again. Oops! We talked at the bar--might reconnect in the future.

Another hour passed. Suddenly, a very attractive guy caught my eye. He stopped in front of me. And started talking:

" already forgot who I am?!"

It took a minute to realize it was the guy from the Vagina Dialogues. I didn't remember how hot he was! I wonder why we lost touch!? Anyway, he bought me a drink, we re-exchanged numbers, and he had to leave the bar for an early morning flight. Hope that spark reignites!

As last call neared, I met someone new. He was Costa Rican, so we flirted in Spanish for the rest of the night. And we planned a date for the next day. Fun!

Apparently, after 70 dates, I have to expect to see familiar faces wherever I go! I feel like I've dated most of the eligible bachelors in Seattle!


  1. Really? Amber? You're missing a pretty large chunk of the eligible Seattle bachelors who have absolutely no desire to hang out in that meat market.

  2. I agree that there are many places to check out! As I mentioned, Amber isn't a usual weekend destination for me. I've seen old flings in other places too--at the beach, watching soccer games, etc.

    Where do you recommend? I always like new suggestions!