Sunday, June 20, 2010

Nothing says classy first date like bike-riding naked people and warm beer dripping down your leg

I met Mic* at Amber in Belltown, a bar that boasts “first class service and culinary delights…dedicated to providing exceptional service that contributes to a truly memorable experience.” Well, a memorable experience is definitely an understatement. Just to get this straight, I don’t recommend meeting dates in bars, but something told me this one was extra special.

He’s just in Seattle for a short trip to visit friends so after meeting on Friday, he decided we just simply had to spend all day together on Saturday. He took me to the Fremont Fair to rub elbows with drunken naked people dripping in rained-on body paint (the first clue the day would be nothing less than total classiness and chivalry). Honestly, he was quite the gentleman: he carried my purse, offered his arm when walking through the crowds and even ruffled through gum wrappers and tampons to find my ID and show it to the doorman at the beer garden (and then announced the full contents of my purse to all within earshot – jerk face!)

After a few beers down the hatch and down my leg (good thing I was wearing galoshes) we met some friends at Brouwers where I tried the girliest beer ever brewed: Lindemans’s Framboise. I recommend it for those of you who don’t like beer much, but it was a tad sweet even for me (one of the girliest girls I know). We then ventured through think crowds of Seattle’s finest hippies to Gasworks Park to try to catch The Jesus Rehab, a self proclaimed “laid back, fun, and rockin’” band. On the way to the park we passed three Ride the Duck trucks and Mic took full advantage of the enthusiastic and captive audience and flashed each truck of quacking tourists as it drove by – I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard all day as I did with Mic, but I will say just one more time, classiness just might not be his thang. We arrived at the park just in time to see the band packing up their equipment, but we did get to meet the band members and get a few autographs (I’m a pretty big fan).

I do have to give Mic props for choosing such a diverse schedule of activities for a first date. SG#1 might have some serious competition moving forward – the day ended with a pretty steamy make-out session…JUST KIDDING!!!

Okay, Okay, I know all you SG#1 fans are having a conniption fit right now (and maybe SG#1 a little bit too, good thing he has a good sense of humor). I didn’t go on a date with Mic. He’s one of SG#1’s friends from out of town and I had the pleasure of hanging out with him and some of SG#1’s other friends at the Fremont Fair. The day did feel at times like some kind of it’s-the-new-girl-initiation-ceremony, but the jokes were all in good fun and each friend had something very nice to say about SG#1 (I definitely got a little bit of the inside scoop!). The rest of the post is true, minus the steamy make-out session, with Mic anyway ;), and Mic is a super fun and I’m sure very classy guy in most situations (he is a very accomplished Naval Officer after all). I wish Mic the best of luck finding a main squeeze, I know she’ll always be laughing, she’ll never have to carry her purse, and she’ll have to dish out the fun just as much as Mic to keep up with his never-ending quest for amusement.

*As always, his name has been changed for blogging purposes

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  1. So classic! Mic* is entertaining indeed! Glad you guys had fun; bummed I missed all the festivities! <3