Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dates 7, 8, and 9: The good...the bad...and the uneventful

Somehow, on Thursday, I managed to get asked out on 3 dates for the weekend (plus one on Monday)! So, it provided the perfect opportunity for comparisons—and there were plenty to be made! I’ll work backwards, to end on a “good” note.

The Uneventful:
He chose the Seattle Art Museum, a unique date spot, which is always more intriguing (even though I had been there before). We had an engaging conversation, though I guess that’s to be expected on any 2nd date. Stories about past adventures were exchanged. It was fine…something to do in good company. Unfortunately, there isn’t much more to say. On one hand, there were no sparks (at least none felt by me); on the other, it was an enjoyable afternoon. And that was that.

The Bad:
We met for dinner (traditional) at Tango. I was starving and a bit sleepy, after a long day of work and volunteering. He began chatting about how he came to live in Seattle (while I was eyeing the menu, hoping to get some food in my belly as quickly as possible). We finally ordered and he was talking about his high school years...then his family...his ex-girlfriends...then the apartments he lived in...his neighbors...his past jobs...recent interviews...step siblings...his car...more about his ex-girlfriend...and his family...a little about his friends...and his current job...some more about other places he lived…other jobs he was applying to...his college years...sports he played...I think you get the idea! A lot of talking…about HIM! I felt that I could write a book about him by the end of the night…though I don’t know that it would be a bestseller. All I wanted to do was crawl into bed with ear plugs (my bed, alone). Finally we parted ways. On the positive side, he was a gentleman and attactive. But there were several more negative aspects: egocentrism (though perhaps it was a side effect of nervousness), age (he's a few years older than me), he's not a food sharer (a big deal for me), and he sent me a somewhat creepy text* that night. I don't foresee a second date.

The Good:
This date proved to be fun...really enjoyable, actually! It was the first time (during this project...and in a while, come to think of it) that I’ve gone out with someone and felt that there was a connection from both sides. At least, I hope it was felt by all parties involved (I usually have good perception about that kind of thing)!

We met somewhere completely new to me (Majles--a hookah/tea bar), which was an interesting change from the dinner routine (not that I’m complaining!). Then we continued the night in various other spots around the city: Bathtub Gin & Co. (a modern speakeasy-like bar), Shortys (an arcade/bar where we played pinball and skeeball), and finally had a post-midnight snack at IHOP. We laughed together, chatted about diverse topics, and flirted...all fun! We linked arms when we walked around…a nice way to stay warm (and get a little closer).

Then came the hour of departure...and the awkward moment of saying goodbye. I’m not one to kiss on the first date...but I really wanted to! And I felt that he did too! I managed to restrain myself, however. I now find myself hoping that he’ll contact me soon...a pretty exciting change! We’ll see what happens :)

**Bad date text message transcript:
Him: “Im not good at dating...im a better lover...once you get comfortable with me I’m pretty awesome :)”
Me: “Uh...I’m not really looking for a lover. Sorry”
Him: “That didn’t come out right...”

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