Thursday, November 12, 2009

Date 4: Rejection

Even the word rejection is hard to say. It's hard to reject and hard to be rejected. I think that's why I wanted to be part of the 100 dates: I have a really hard time telling a person I'm not interested in pursuing the relationship. Obviously, it's always hard to be rejected, everyone knows what it feels like. It's terrible to have to hear that another human being doesn't like you and, much like the Golden Rule tells us (do unto others as you would like them to do unto you), it makes me feel cruel to inflict traumatic pain onto another individual over a simple date. However, as "Advice Lady" says, women like to act as the caregiver (even after the 2nd date) and that's not our job. It is our job to be open and honest and allow the other person to feel their feelings...just as they would (hopefully) allow us to do. I thought this was profound advice from Advice Lady. The other person will feel what they are going to feel regardless of what I say or do, all I have control over are my own words and actions, so I must be up front and honest about how I feel.

Although this is date number four of 100, it is only date number two with this particular person, whom I will call D (4th letter of the alphabet, tricky!). D is sweet, easy to talk to, fun to be around, yet I don't feel the sparks I'm sure he's feeling. And, I must say, I'm more stressed out about having to tell him this than I am about the eight page epidemiology paper looming over my head...not good! In the end, I know I need to call him up and be brutally, yet kindly, honest about the situation, I'm just going to need to have a pep talk beforehand. And, one more thing, I'm not amused by the frequent use of texting for conversation with a recent acquaintance...if he texts to ask how I'm doing, am I allowed to text back with a rejection note?! Definitely material for a future post.

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