Monday, November 16, 2009

Date 3: Taking Chances

I don’t know that I can technically call this a date…and I’m writing retrospectively, but I think it’s a good story to share!

Last month, I went to hear a speaker present at a local venue. I noticed him right away…but didn’t initially realize that he was the presenter. After all, he was young and attractive, unlike most others I had gone to see. I was there with two guy friends, and we chatted with “him” for a bit before he went up to the podium. He began to present--and I was enthralled! He spoke with emotion, had an extensive vocabulary, wonderful diction! My friends and I decided to ask him to get a drink with us afterwards. He said yes. I sat next to him and we flirted. We had amazing discussions on economics, health, philosophy, politics, and a plethora of other topics for hours! Eventually, as the bar was closing, we said our goodbyes...and he walked to his hotel and I drove my friends home. I was sad to be parting ways!

After talking to my friends in the car, I was determined to see him again! So, I went back to his hotel, and enigmatically told the man at the front desk that he “left something” at the bar. The concierge called his room and handed me the phone. Yikes! My heart was pounding! So when he picked up, I addressed myself and asked if I could come up…and he said "yea, sure!"

I got to his door, shaking and all…especially since this behavior is completely unlike me! And he opened it. And I started an awkward conversation (at 1am)--"so, I had to come back this way to get to my exit...I had fun chatting tonight and wanted to continue…thought I would stop you come to Seattle often?" A clumsy stream of words spewed from my mouth. He humored me and continued the conversation. And we sat on the bed. And he kissed me! (Again, remember, this is not like me…to give you an idea, he’s the only person I’ve kissed in about 6 months.)

So, we kissed and snuggled…but eventually, the night had to come to an end. He had an early interview, I had early classes. And in parting, he said I should get in touch with him if I'm ever in his area…and he would do the same if he graced our city with his presence again. It has been a while, and I still haven’t heard from him…but I wasn’t really expecting to. Despite that, I still got three things from the experience:

1. An amazing memory, of an unforgettable night, with an extraordinary person.

2. Renewed assurance that there are guys out there who meet my “selection criteria” (most notably, can inspire and challenge me)…and who can still give me butterflies in my tummy

3. The confidence to take chances. I’ve never been one to sit back and idly watch life pass by…and it’s good to remember that great things can come from taking risks and leaving your “comfort zone.” What’s the worst that can happen?!

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