Thursday, November 19, 2009

Date 6: The inevitable bill

It started with drinks at Contour...his treat, he insisted. After all, we had good conversation, some laughs--a little awkward but overall a good time. The waitress came by to inform us that happy hour was ending. Awkward...what happens next?!

Him: "I'm hungry, think I'm gonna get some dinner."
Me: "Oh yea? Where?"
Him: "Not sure, I was going to look around. Want to join?"
Me: "Sure"

So, we decided on Maharaja, a yummy Indian restaurant, and continued talking about travel, family, and other getting-to-know-you themes. After several hours of coquettish interaction, the waiters began to hover--they were closing. Eager to part with the bill they threw it on the table in front of me. We chatted a little more, both glancing at it from time to time, no one making a move. So, I put down my half....he put down a credit card. And we exited, walked down the street, and parted ways as I got close to my car. We said goodnight, agreed that we'd be in touch if anything interesting came up. And that was that. No communication since.

I'm not saying that I fell for this guy. We had interesting conversation, though I wasn't particularly romantically enthralled. But I thought he was somewhat least for a 2nd date!

Does a bill split suggest a lack of interest on my part? I figured I was just being polite. After I paid it, however, the entire ambiance changed--he became more distant and aloof. My sister said guys don't really think about these details....but I'm not convinced...

**Update--here's an interesting article I found about the bill situation from the guy's point of view. Kinda handy!


  1. A. If he thinks any less of you after your generosity, he is an absolute fool and not worth a second thought.

    B. What you did (paying) was admirable and he should have at least been appreciative.

    It may sound silly but manners are one of the pillars to any man. This is especially true for a man who is attempting to attract a thoughtful, modern woman such as yourself. Either way, write this one off as an ill mannered guy unworthy of another thought.

  2. Update: he ended up asking me out the minute after I posted this story. So we went on date #2...and he treated me then :)