Monday, August 16, 2010

Only missing one thing!

Although many people consider me a dating expert at this point, I admittedly have a lot to learn! When a friend suggested that I make a formal list of the characteristics I desire in a potential mate, I quickly obliged. This activity requires a lot of self-reflection and concentration, but by afternoon, I felt like I had a pretty solid compilation of "must have" and "would be nice" characteristics.

And so, I set that grueling task aside to attend happy hour at The Atlantic Crossing with a group of world travelers. I was one of the first there, and started chatting with a friend. A half hour later, someone walked in and caught my eye. Wow--I'd never seen him before!

We struck up a conversation and it turned out that he had visited and was in love with the country I had lived for 2 1/2 years prior to graduate school. We even knew people in common over there. Small world! As more people filed in, however, we socialized with other acquaintances and I thought that he may not be interested after all. When I announced that I was leaving however, he was adamant that I stay. I declined. So he insisted on exchanging numbers. Sweet!

A few hours later, while hosting a small painting/dinner party with my girlfriends, I got a call:
"Hey, it's me. I know it's a little late, but we're just now leaving and I was wondering if you'd be down for grabbing a drink."
As luck would have it, my morning class was cancelled for the following day. Sure, why not?! And so, we met at Luc from some lovely drinks and fantastic conversation! Eventually, the waitress came over:
"Excuse me, we wanted to let you guys keep chatting, but we closed at midnight."
We figured it was just after, but upon looking at the time, realized it was 1am! Oops! Very gentlemanly, he walked me home but, halfway there, he spun me around and planted a luscious kiss on me. I liked the directness of it! We got to my house and continued talking (and kissing) into the early morning (nothing scandalous happened, get your minds out of the gutter)! And as the sky began changing colors, we bid farewell.

Later, when I reexamined the list I had made for my ideal mate, he seemed to fit every characteristic, including those from the "would be nice" category! He was confident, optimistic, goal-oriented, had traveled extensively, was well-educated, didn't smoke, had a sense of humor, was a good kisser, is excited about learning, easy-going, tall, bilingual, and of course, attractive (amongst many other fantastic qualities)! Perfect kind of guy for me!

Well, except that he starts school in California in September, and is planning on being there for the next four years. I've unsuccessfully done the long distance thing before, and I hardly even know him. We've agreed to keep in touch, but I'm a realist so my heart isn't set on this guy.

I've since updated my list, however, to include geographic proximity! Hopefully the universe listens, once again!

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