Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Da-da-na-na! Wing-man to the rescue!

A couple of Saturdays ago Coqueta and I were invited to happy hour with some guys we met through a mutual friend. We had all become acquainted over sushi in December and then lost touch, so we were excited to hang out with him and his friends again. However, when we arrived at the bar there were just two guys there: the guy Coqueta had been pining over and his wing-man.

I immediately assumed wing-woman position and we all ended up having great conversation and some delicious strawberry margaritas at Barrio (one of my favorite Capitol Hill hang outs).

But the whole situation got me thinking...Do guys actually discuss the wing-man scenario before approaching a girl in a bar? Do they decide who gets the girl and who has to entertain her wing-woman? I was happy to play wing-woman for Coqueta because it had already been established that she was in-like with the guy who arranged the happy hour, but I wonder how many friendships are broken over these types of situations (A guy is never worth breaking a friendship!). What if I liked him too? What if I didn't feel like talking to his wing-man (he happened to be a very interesting guy)... and on the flip side, how many wing-people end up dating in the end?

I guess this post has more questions than answers, so I open it up to all you blog followers...what are the rules around the job of the wing-man?

In case you need some extra wing-man advice, there's a TON of info out there. My favorite site: Wingmanlaws.com "because getting lucky is a team effort!" How awesome is that?!

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