Saturday, May 15, 2010

Belltown Poetry

Early in the night, my date mentioned that he always liked to support street musicians and performers. As we walked down the street in Belltown, searching for a restaurant, he was dropping bills into tattered hats and guitar cases. And then we were approached by a young, African American guy.
"I'm an artist and would love to recite my poetry for you...I'll only take two minutes of your time!"
Of course, my date humored him.
"Go ahead"
The poet warned us that this wasn't any old Shakespeare work, but that it required our participation. We accepted the challenge.
"So, you guys are in love, huh?" (No, we shook our heads.) "First date, then?" (Yes, we nodded.) "Ok, I need you guys to look into each others' eyes...keep looking, don't break the connection"
(AWKWARD! But we kept going with it)
"Love--love is blossoming. Love is a beautiful thing. Love...warms the heart and the soul. Love on a Saturday night. Two souls, beautifully intertwined, growing closer each minute as they stare in each other's eyes......"
Hmmm...maybe this wasn't such a wise activity for a first date... Soon enough, though, it was nearing the end. But there was a grand finale:
"...and now, you must kiss! Go on, kiss so the world can witness the beauty of your love!"
(Dude, this is a first date, remember?!)

My date looked at me awkwardly, and I, at him. Very gentlemanly, he kissed me on the cheek. At the poet's urging, I did the same. A dollar was handed over, and we continued on our way. We found a restaurant, ate, and parted ways.

Our love did not blossom.