Sunday, April 25, 2010

What not to wear…

It’s the truth: girls usually take hours to get ready for a date. Fussing over make-up, styling hair, spritzing perfume in all the right places, and picking out a suitable (yet sexy) outfit (with shoes, accessories, and bag to match)….it’s a process! While I tend to be a minimalist, first impressions matter! And so, I do my darnedest to be appropriately dressed for the date—whether it be a hike or a fancy dinner.

When I got to the Indian restaurant we had agreed upon, I was taken aback by his attire. It was a casual place, in a casual town—so I wasn’t surprised by the jeans and hoodie he was wearing (though I was noticeably more dressed up). From the very beginning, however, the image on the sweatshirt caught my eye: two bears in an amorous embrace (to put it politely).

Despite efforts to maintain eye contact, my field of view continued to drift downward, trying to understand the meaning of the shirt. Perhaps his intention was to “break the ice,” so to speak (were the bears balanced on a sheet of ice?)—but we never actually discussed the image.

By the end of the date, I came to the conclusion that apparel embossed with pornographic bears is not my idea of fitting first date attire. I’m sure he’ll find his soul mate out there—and maybe she’ll be dressed to the nines with humping penguins all over!

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  1. Too funny!! Who wears THAT on a date!!! The guy needs some serious help...from a therapist. Where exactly does one purchase a hoodie like that? Is there a store that sells wearable pornographic images of snuggly animals? Sick.