Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Cat's Out of the Bag

So for my birthday this year (the big 2-9) I didn't accept any gifts. Instead I jokingly asked for my friends to bring me my future husband...and they obliged! There were at least four "special guests" at my birthday bonfire, making it an evening to remember for sure.

As I was talking to some friends they asked how my dating life was going and, without realizing their guest was a potential date, I started telling them all about the blog and the 20 or so dates I had been on in the last six months. They all pulled up the blog on their iPhones (that's right, reading blog posts on iPhones at a bonfire on the beach...I must really be getting old since I'm still shocked by this amazing technology).

Anyway, later in the evening the friend who we'll call "special guest #1" had a proposal: "Since I've already seen the blog, I'm going to read the whole thing, then I'm going to ask you out on a date. It'll be the best date ever because I'll know exactly what you like and what you don't like. Then you can write about the date, I'll read it and then comment on it. What do you think?"

I had to consult my partner in crime, but of course I said, "Yes!" So, this Thursday's the big day. I have no idea what's in store for me, but I'm sure it will be amazing! One thing though: he set up the date over I just too old fashioned that I would prefer a phone call?! Maybe 29 is a lot older than I thought. At any rate, the cat's out of the bag. He's probably reading this post right now...I'm so exposed!

BTW: Special guest #2 couldn't make it to the bonfire, so we're meeting up another time...will keep you all posted for sure!


  1. I set up all my dates over the phone. It's less awkward that way. Think about it...if Erin heard me setting up dates over the phone, she might call off the wedding.

    Text is mo'bettah. There's no missed calls or voicemail with text. Plus, there's emoticons!

  2. Interesting...I think you just re-proved my point and I was partially checking to see if a certain someone was actually reading the blog...and seeing how his friend is defending him, I'm guessing he is! Thanks very much for your comment!!!It means we have BLOG READERS!!! YAYAYA!

    BTW you should def think of a more creative posting name, esp since you've already revealed your identity...Maybe you could be "The Fiance."

  3. Friend of AnonymousMay 17, 2010 at 9:26 PM

    But wait!! how do you know he wasn't going to call you, say tonight or tomorrow, with details about the date? perhaps that text was more like a "save the date" to be followed by something more formal. I guess you'll never really know, b/c i'm sure Mr. Guest #1 has been alerted by his friend about your post, and is now reading your blog, and will definitely chose to text you the date details just to be stubborn and abnoxious. In fact you should probably check your phone right now.

    Btw - The comment from 'Anonymous' does raise some valid points, though i'll bet Guest #1 refrains from emoticons, at least for now. Might seem a little uncool.

  4. This blogger is out of words. Hahahaha! What exactly have I gotten myself into?!