Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Matchmaker, matchermaker, make me a match...

I missed a call today and found a rather interesting voice message waiting for me (listen above). Long and short, my great aunt is trying to hook me up with her sister's girlfriend's grandson (and he sounds really "neat")!

The only catch is, I have to contact him and set up a date without alluding to the fact that his grandparents are giving out his number. My aunt suggested that I say a "friend" gave me his number. Huh? Is he not going to wonder who this "friend" is?!

Any suggestions/recommendations on how to proceed are more than welcome! (Reader participation, please!)


  1. maybe find out what area of medicine he's working in/what hospital he's at and set up a meeting to talk about his "work." ;)

  2. No guts, no glory!! Call the guy & play it by ear, if he asks which friend gave you his number, simply say "I've been sworn to secrecy". :D