Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dating my friends

I've been a little disenchanted with the whole dating project lately. It's really hard to go through a divorce (even when it's in your head). And it is especially upsetting when you're super excited about the other person and they seem to be equally as excited about you...until it all comes to a screeching halt for no apparent reason.

Anyway, to remedy my need for date nights, with no sign of a prospect of the opposite sex, I've decided to "date my friends." I haven't spend nearly enough time with my girlfriends since starting this nursing program and it's been fun to catch up!

Instead of cooking up a storm for some guy that probably wouldn't appreciate it nearly enough, I invited a friend to experiment with barbecuing pizza. She is a master chef so she was the perfect choice for such an adventurous meal. Although the BBQ wasn't hot enough to actually bake the pizza we brainstormed about solutions, caught up on our busy lives and I got to hear her engagement story (which gave me a renewed sense of hope!). There's something really special about spending time with someone that you feel like really gets you and it was so nice to not have to go through the whole first date conversation for a change! (You know the drill, "where are you from?" How many siblings do you have?" "What's your favorite color?" etc.)

And to fulfill an urge to be fancy, another friend took me to the symphony! ($10 tickets for students!!) We sat in fancy box seats, dressed to the nines and ate decadent desserts afterward. I was pretty much the worst date ever (note to self: don't go on a real date to the symphony): I completely fell asleep and when she turned to me to comment on the concerto I did a full head bob! Isn't that considered a complement in symphony-land...the music was so soothing I fell asleep!

All I have to say is my future dates have some serious competition because my friends are pretty awesome. Thanks ladies!


  1. Coqueta - Let's go on a date to the climbing gym!!!

  2. Yea....lets go on a date period! I feel like I haven't seen you in years! BBQ pizza? Symphony? When did all this excitement happen?! And when are we going to do something fun together?!