Monday, March 8, 2010

I married him in my head

I had kind of given up on dating (obviously, I haven't written a post since January!). And then one day I was bored in Psych and decided to check my e-harmony account. And there it was: an e-mail from a super cute surgical resident wondering why he hadn't seen me around the hospital. He asked me out to Black Bottle (one of my favorite restaurant/bars in Seattle) and we talked about everything from the typical "how many siblings do you have?" to discussing the uses of the bulbar reflex. It was nice to finally talk to a date about my day - the entire day, without having to leave out any of the gross details. We laughed and shared stories for hours and as the topics grew more and more personal we decided we weren't on the first date anymore - by the end of the first date, we had gone on five dates.

Date two and three moved us six months down the dating road. And of my 20 or so dates, it was the best night I've had so far. It felt like a whirlwind weekend of getting to know each other and falling madly in-like with him. Unfortunately, I got a little too far in-like and at the end of the weekend I found myself retelling the story of the past week that had turned into half of a year, I had the worst case of perma-grin any dating girl could have and there were so many butterflies in my chest I could have floated off into the clouds.

And then it happened. I did the worst thing a girl could do: I married him in my head.

I hate to play "the game" and usually I pride myself on being a person that wears her heart on her sleeve, but when you marry him in your head all dating hell breaks loose. You say things you would never tell a person you had only been on three dates with, you do things you might not do on the third date and you turn into a cheesy head-over-heels in-like crazy person. And then, just as anyone who has married someone in your head knows, that's when he stops calling. Maybe it's because he married you in his head and it freaked him out, maybe he moved on to another nurse, maybe three dates (or six months) was enough for him, or maybe he's just really busy, but when you're married to someone in your head and he's not calling in real life it's time for a divorce in your head...and then you're not just crazy in-like with someone, you're just plain crazy!


  1. oh, looking for a spark. just take your imaginary crazy pills and you'll be alright. :) besides, after such a short marriage in your head, you can always opt for an annullment in your head, as long as you haven't comingled any property... did you already label his side of the toaster?

  2. So... did he call you back? What happened?

    I just learned today that people are making a big deal out of divorce cakes (as well as wedding cakes). If you divorce him in your head, can we eat cake to celebrate?

  3. Amazing. Has he called/texted you back yet? Crazy in-like isn't a bad thing...just remember that he's busy too! Residents don't have the most time...esp surgical ones. ;)