Saturday, July 17, 2010

Is it a date?! (Part 2)

We went to the bar and ordered drinks. His treat, he insisted. (date clue #1)

As we settled into the sunlit patio at Twilight Exit, we talked about everything from worldly travels to favorite activities around Seattle. At one point, we remembered that the premise of the meeting was to talk about school and to give professional advice. But, once initiated, our conversation quickly drifted away from that topic. (date clue #2)

As we finished our drinks, he asked what else I was doing that afternoon/evening. I know The Rules says a girl should act unavailable, always claiming to have pressing plans and being the first to end the date. But, to hell with the rules, I was having fun! So I told him it was my day to relax, I had nothing else planned.

He asked if I wanted another drink, but I'm not a huge drinker and already felt a little tipsy. I said I only wanted water. And then he remembered I had recently tried paddle boarding. He had access to some boards...Would I like to go? Heck yea! (date clue #3)

Yea, I decided, this is definitely a date.

So, at 7pm, we found ourselves chatting and giggling across the water between our paddle boards, with the sun setting on the west, dusky purple mountains on the east, and brilliant Mt. Rainier to the south. It was breathtaking!

After returning the boards, we decided to stay for drinks. There was a fancy event going on, and we didn't really fit in, dressed in our jeans and t-shirts. Regardless, we found a secluded balcony and played cards while listening to a live band below us.

He remembered he was hungry and invited me to dinner. We choose Palermo, an Italian restaurant on Capitol Hill, and we split a couple tasty (albeit very salty) dishes. He drove me home, emphasizing that he'd like to get together again soon.

I agreed, happily :)

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