Monday, July 19, 2010

Cycling Solo vs. Tandem Together

After posting "the DTR," there was a lot of commotion within our circle of friends: oogly eyed text messages, questions about moving in together and if we'd picked a date yet (come on people, it was just the DTR!), as well as countless invitations to dinner to meet the new beau. We accepted an invitation for our first double date with the couple who introduced us: E and the Fiance (Okay, to be fair E and I planned the date while SG#1 was still watching the World Cup in S.A. so he didn't have a clue it was planned 'til he got back).

We met at Barrio, chatted over appetizers, and each couple ordered the sauteed shrimp cazuelas to share (Yum! And yes, we are all copycats). It was fun to catch up and it's exciting to have an instant mini-circle of friends, too! Conversation drifted from camping trips for this summer, our plans for the coming weekend and discussing E and the Fiance's wedding plans for next year. And then it hit me: when does one become part of a couple?

The DTR alone does not determine the frequency that you see your significant other. And simply declaring exclusivity is not a free pass to every event with friends, family and coworkers. So, is there a switch that goes off to turn a relationship from just the two of you to the two of you plus everyone else? When is it that your significant other is automatically invited to every event, dinner and gathering in your calendar? When does "I" become "we?"

It's a funny thing going from solo cyclist to riding tandem, and I'm thinking we still have the training wheels attached at this point. It's exciting though, when you find someone you wouldn't mind riding tandem with, as long as you take turns as "steersman" every once in a while.


  1. "We are all copycats"?!?! No, you and SG#1 are copycats, come on, let's be honest.

    Good times. When's double date #2, or better yet, just a you and me lady date? :)

  2. You and me lady date!! Let's go do something girly!

  3. Tandem bicycling is fun because you're able to talk to each other the whole time. I like to sit in the back so I don't have to watch the road and can enjoy the scenery. But if you're in the back, you don't have any control over the breaks and that can be problematic with certain drivers...

    Either way, wear your helmet!