Friday, July 16, 2010

Is it a date?! (Part 1)

A few weeks ago, I volunteered at a medical station for the Seattle's Rock & Roll Marathon. Of course, as a dating aficionado, I always have my eyes open for potential matches. And, at that particular event, someone caught my eye.

We talked a little about our educational backgrounds and about what other volunteer activities we are involved in. I told him a bit about the homeless clinic that some of my amazing classmates and I run, and he was intrigued. He wrote his email address on a band-aid and asked me to send him more details.

So, I did. We exchanged a few emails back and forth, mainly about the clinic. But he also said, "If you ever have questions about school or anything at all, feel free to email or call me." Hmm... I've seen He's Just Not that Into You, and I'm not one to over-analyze a situation. But, I figured there might be potential, nonetheless. So, I said it'd be great to pick his brain sometime, and asked if he'd prefer to communicate over email or meet up.

His answer? "Let's meet up"

We both have very busy schedules, so coordinating was a bit of a challenge. Finally, he suggested Twilight Exit for a drink. (FYI, when I mentioned this locale to Looking for a spark, she was less than impressed. But, it was a surprisingly fun atmosphere.)

I got to the door of the bar as he was running out. He asked if I'd mind if he made a quick phone call. He wanted to cancel later plans with someone else, as he had a busy weekend ahead of him. I asked if he really wanted to keep our plans and he said, "Yea, with this, at least I can justify that it's related to school."

That left me continuing to wonder--was this only an informational interview of sorts? Or an actual date?!

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