Friday, January 15, 2010

Eye Balls and Climbing Walls

We had our first official double date of the blog!

A couple of weeks ago Coqueta invited me rock climbing with a guy she had been dating for a while (the rock climber) and one of his friends. It's always a little awkward to be set up with someone on a double date - not only are you on a first date with someone, but you're also being watched! (Plus, I'm not sure if he knew it was a set up)

The boys picked us up from school, which felt like high school, and we drove off to climb the walls of Vertical World. Now, I've never been climbing, but I was feeling overly confident like it would be a piece of cake...I mean I've climbed up stairs and I've climbed out of bed, how hard could it be?!

After some small equipment adjustments we walked over to the wall and the rock climber chose a route for me and yelled "climb on!" And so I climbed. Little did I know I was not climbing a beginner route. With little instruction and zero upper arm strength I slowly fumbled my way to the top, arms buckling at the weight of my clumsy flailing body. The bottom line is though, I did it! One climb down, are we done?! Ha!

I finally got some instruction on a wall that matched my skill level a little better and really started enjoying the whole rock climbing thing. The rock climber's friend, whose occupation alone is fascinating enough to draw any girl in (he spends his days harvesting eyeballs for organ donation!), coached me up an easier section of the wall, throwing in an encouraging word here and there - so sweet! There's definitely something exciting and sexy about a sweat-inducing, skill-building date, as opposed to a sit down dinner date.

After climbing we went all went to happy hour and during conversation I began to realize how nice it was to talk to someone that isn't grossed out by my nursing stories and has past travel destinations in common. Dating is really a strange little beast - just when you think you know exactly what you're looking for, the person sitting across the table from you changes your mind altogether.

Coqueta, do you have a review of our first double date? Or maybe our triple date?!

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