Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Holiday Party

The holiday party for the single girl is an interesting little predicament. It honestly did not even cross my mind that a date hanging from your arm was as necessary as a holiday sweater and I was whacked in the face with a very "Bridget Jone's Diary"-esque scene.

Somehow during the past few years the holiday party has become a couples event, much like the new co-ed baby shower. If the people throwing the party are close friends and you are familiar with the other guests at the party, then no problem. If, however, you must introduce yourself before speaking to a guest - WATCH OUT! You've been pinned as the single girl the moment you walk in the room and don't even think about talking to someone's husband even if you are both from the same small town in the middle of nowhere and had the same kindergarten teacher in 1982. (Okay, maybe I exaggerate a little)

Another little tip for the 2010 holiday party scene if you are a single girl: be forewarned that the one single guy lurking in the background is not a random occurrence. He has been invited expressly for you! Apparently, when single every moment is a good one for finding your next date (no more sweat pants while grocery shopping!). This can turn out to be a very good thing, and it can really start to make a single girl simmer. Don't get me wrong, I am definitely a fan of a friend's date suggestion over a dating site that has never met me. But, as the new year approaches and New Year's Resolutions are made and broken, sometimes all I need is to gather up the girls, pop in "Julie & Julia," bake a cake and just not think about my next date...for at least a couple of hours.

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