Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Thrilling Chase...

Guy #1: Walks me to my car and says goodnight. Before I've even gotten a block away, my phone alerts me to a new message: "You're really beautiful!" Really? Really?! I can still see you! What's the rush?!

Guy #2: We go out, have a great time, and I don't hear from him for a couple days. I begin to wonder: "Did I perceive the date differently? Did he not enjoy my company as much? Am I ever going to see him again? How soon is too soon to contact him again?"
Guy #1: Multiple texts a day: "So, when do I get to see you again?" "There's a great movie coming out that we should really see!" "Do you like cats?" (Still haven't figured out the purpose of that one...)

Guy #2: We finally catch each other on facebook and flirt a bit. "Good," I think, "I was right about my gut feeling--we got along well!" We casually talk about when we're going to meet up again. Finally set up a nebulous "date event" for the future, but no specific day or time.
Guy #1 is attractive and sweet...but the persistence turns me off.
Guy #2 is also attractive...but more distant and noncommittal. And this keeps me interested!

Why is it that we always want what's harder to get?! The chase, the games....all fun! But is this a good start to a potential long term relationship? Or are we supposed to grow up and stop playing the games? Does the chase ever lead to a stable relationship? Does my intrigue by this behavior indicate that I'm not looking for anything serious?

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  1. I totally agree! I, unfortunately, am a girl who likes a chase. I hate to admit it and I'm trying super hard to appreciate the enthusiastic guys if only I could find one I'm equally interested in. I guess that's the key!