Thursday, October 28, 2010

It’s a small world, Part II: Friends of friends of friends

I met a guy online the other day (yea, yea…no surprise there). After exchanging emails back and forth for a couple weeks, he asked if I’d like to grab coffee. He seemed like an all-around great guy (attractive, just finished law school, plays musical instruments, writes, is well-traveled)….so of course, I agreed to the date.

We met at a bakery near my house (which, of course, was slightly awkward, as usual). And, we started chatting. Here's the first five minutes of the conversation, for your voyeuristic pleasure:

Him: What have you been up to today?
Me: Oh, ya know, cooking for a dinner party tonight.
Him: Yea? What are you making?
Me: Some stuff I’m sure you’ve never heard of—xima and matapa. It will be well appreciated by the Peace Corps volunteers who are coming over for dinner.
Him: No way! My roommate was a Peace Corps Volunteer…in Mozambique.
Me: Uhhhhhhhh…I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Mozambique!
I had to wonder—was he lying?! After having been “discovered” the week before, I began pondering how much this guy knew about me. Was he just making things up?! There aren't that many Peace Corps volunteers in the world. Let alone, currently living in Seattle. And Mozambique?! I'd assume that 90% of Americans couldn't even tell you where the country is located!
Me: What’s her name?
Him: Sarah*…do you know her?
Me: No, I’ve never met her, actually. But, as it turns out, she’s coming to my house for dinner with another volunteer who I do know!

How surreal! I meet some random guy for coffee, and then his roommate comes to my house for dinner that night?! Absolutely mind-boggling!

And the date, you might ask? It was enjoyable. We got drinks to go and walked through the Arboretum, chatting about everything and anything. Date 2 is in the stars.

The dinner was yummy too :)

*Names have been changed for anonymity

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